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Quality Home Remodeling Contractor Services

Our Process

The Contracting & Remodeling Process:

At Post and Lintel Contracting, we strive to provide the highest standard of quality, not only in our work, but also in our customer service. When you choose Post and Lintelto remodel your kitchen or bathroom, here is a general idea of what you can expect.
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1. Initial meeting and consultation

This is the beginning of your relationship with Texas Innovation Home Remodeling. At this stage in the process, the Sales and Customer Service Representative will visit you in your home and discuss your vision for the perfect living space.

2. Job Development Stage One

One of our certified Project Managers will visit you and verify that all the information is correct (measurements, materials desired, etc.) and present the project plan.

3. Job Development Stage Two

A work cleanliness barrier will be installed to prevent dust from entering the rest of your home. We pride ourselves on causing as little disruption and inconvenience to your living areas as possible. The old fixtures and existing construction are then carefully removed.

4. Job Development Stage Three

Installation begins as new flooring is laid, new appliances are installed, and new countertops are put into place.

5. Job Development Stage Four

At this point, all major construction is completed, the work area is thoroughly cleaned and the final quality inspection is completed by the Project Manager. The Project Manager will then do a final walk-through with you.

6. Enjoy the home of your dreams

This is the best part: Enjoy your new lifestyle!



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